07 July 2011

just maui'd (and other vacation pictures).

it's hard to believe that our time in maui has already come and gone.  my dad asked me when we returned what my favorite part of the trip was.  i couldn't answer that question; there were so many pieces that made up the journey that i treasured...

- early morning roadtrips.
- getting lost on the kahekili highway (and nearly sending the jeep over a cliff)
- marrying my guy for the second time (in a fashion much more fitting for us)
- frequenting lahaina in the evenings and sipping on mocha coconut frappacinos
- exploring the bamboo forest and wondering how many laws we were breaking just to get a glimpse of the water falls.
- moving from sea level to 10,000 feet above sea level and back down again in one morning (and standing above the clouds for an hour).
- trekking through six miles of lava fields to find an private beach (excepting the wild goats which inhabited it) and breathing in the ocean spray with no one in our way.
- swimming with the ancient turtles of the islands
- overcoming my fear (albeit briefly) of open water and swimming out into the rocky reef so i could swim with the turtles!
- macadamia nuts and maui coffee.
- getting up at 4:30 to watch the sunrise.
- the maui swap meet...everything i could ever want from an open air market (including kula corn and golden pineapple).
- the sun on my shoulders, the wind in my hair, the salt on my skin, the sand in my ears.

i'm a little sad that it is over, but so grateful for the experience.  i hope to write more about our "wedding" on my other blog, but for now, i will leave you with some of my favorite shots and moments from our tropical adventures.
morning yoga on the first day.  tree by a tree.

somewhere on the highway to hell...

what's hard to understand is that the road was literally the width of our jeep.

on the day we got 'maui'd', it rained...just as it did on our wedding day ten years ago.

just the right size for an umbrella!

the artist at work...

pretty sure we were breaking laws here...

i, surprisingly, don't look as terrified as i was.  i was certain one of us was going to blow off the side of the cliff...

black and white sand: the result of bleached coral and lava rock.  

c''s kinda funny.

bill took an ungodly amount of pictures of sure to check out his facebook page.

beach yoga rocks.

on our final night, a final sunset.

our hawaiian wedding.

my aloha.

i cannot wait to go back.

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