19 April 2011

taking a step...

i have always reserved this little corner for sporadic updates on our little family complete with pictures of our growing girl and all our adventures.  recently, i have been craving space to carve out room for all of the ideas that go swimming through my head on a daily basis.  my sister site, spontaneous blah, is really much more for me, for my spirit and for all the randomness that consumes my brain.  in some ways, it is the one place where i feel i can be the most 'me', absent of titles and obligations.

however, there is that very real and very large part of me that is a mom, a wife, a teacher and a girl who is constantly looking to tap into creativity through all kinds of mediums.  from crocheting to scrapbooking to completely redecorating my living room, i am constantly searching for creative outlets and am especially seeking those in which i can involve my girl and my guy.

so with that, pitter pats begins to step in a (slightly) new direction.  i look forward to sharing our ideas, projects, activities, creativity and growth with you here.

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