18 April 2011

thawing out.

i realized today that i hadn't posted since christmas.  christmas.
well, needless to say, our lives have continued to move forward.  my girl has continued to grow.  and as we enter spring, i grow restless and eager and am longing for those summer days when we can just play and create and enjoy each other's company.  until then, in chronological order, a few glimpses of life since christmas...

bill's first sitting of his new, hawaiian inspired sleeve.

charlie's really big big-girl bed.

a little something i'm (still) working on...

valentine's day baking.



i love me some outdoor yoga.


sitting #2.



celebrating ella's first birthday.

pappy turns 80!

look for more soon.  i have a few tricks up my sleeve that i can't wait to test out.

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