20 April 2011

terrible twos.

just shy of her third birthday, our girl has entered the phase so often dubbed the 'terrible twos'.  my hope, naturally, is that with the passing of her third birthday, this phase will make it's exit as swiftly as it manifested.

however, i am as much a realist as an optimist and know that this is probably not the case.

in recent weeks, charlie's 'listening ears' have been on the fritz.  this has resulted in a lot of repeated instructions from me and my guy, several stern conversations following daycare pickup and one high speed chase through the aisles of target that resulted in my girl screaming, 'stop, mommy!  my arm!  my arm!  you're hurting me!'

call DHS.

the biggest frustration in all of this is trying to find a way to make her understand the importance of listening; we've tried positive reinforcement, time-outs (which proved to serve as some kind of reward since she now places herself in the corner), revoked privileges and even threats to her toys ('if you don't listen, teddy gets it.')  so far, nothing seems to phase her.

my mother describes her as having a strong will.  
i describe her as having her daddy's ADD tendencies and selective hearing loss.  
her daddy would argue that she has my moodiness and quick temper.

and yet, despite our frustrations, i wouldn't have it any other way.  because at the end of the day, when i hold her close and inhale all the energy that seeps out of her i wouldn't trade grocery aisle chases for solo shopping any day of the week.

so until she turns three and her 'listening ears' return, i guess i should plan on wearing my tennis shoes to the store...

1 comment:

Alesha said...

My friend's son used to scream, "HELP ME, HELP ME" when she made him sit in the cart at the store :)

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