11 March 2009


a note:

if one more sales clerk
elderly lady
check out line girl
or barista
points out that my child has no shoes and/or socks on
and then proceeds to ask
"aren't your little toesies cold?"
i may have to get pissy.

of course her toes are cold.
it's 30 degrees outside.

does she look like a battered child?
does she look like she is neglected?
did you notice my flip-flops?

i'm open to suggestion regarding the shoe/sock issue
with a 10-month old
who would rather put the socks in her mouth
than on her feet
and has them off before i get the key in the ignition.

but until a solution is found,
she will go barefoot
much like her mom.
i mean really...

do these look like the feet of a child who is suffering?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i dealt with that kind of thing a onesies (hark) socks (oh my) shoes (noooo) only advice is to tune out all of the unsolicited advice...i look at tiny little toes and want to tickle them :)

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