14 May 2012

phone dump.

i am loving this smile.
starbucks happy hour!  a coconut mocha to take me back to maui...

what to do when your fever is 102?  a mani/pedi, but of course.

wiggly toes don't make for pretty pedis...she rocked her legwarmers instead.

the fever that never ended...we did a lot of this for five days straight. maybe my girls' sense of style isn't derived from within but from my deep rooted love of Punky Brewster...

this week's lesson: wear sunscreen!  (yeah...i lost the "Mother of the Week" award for this slip of the brain...)

teaching baby girl to enjoy the trails (notice the hat...lesson learned).

two of my most favorite people.

mother's day: spent on the trails, along the river and in the woods...wouldn't have it any other way.

my girls.
if you really want to know what goes on in a week within our walls
all you need to do is look at my phone. 
i seem to keep better records through a simple click of the button
than i do hopping on the keyboard to type it all out.
i truly need to consider doing this more often...

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