26 April 2012

making room.

i can't believe i haven't posted since november.
i have continued to post on my other site
so you can catch up with us there.

you can also acquaint yourself with our newest here.

but what i really want to share with you today
is something that took the majority of my pregnancy
(and maternity leave)
to complete:
my girls' rooms.

i spent the majority of my third trimester
on the couch
with a crochet hook in hand.
the colors in millie's blanket and bunting
came from the rocking chair
my nanny
had done for me before charlie arrived.

the trays
have been sitting in our garage
awaiting purpose
after salvaging them from several different garage sales
over the last two years
(at the time
i had no idea what i would use them for...
i absolutely love the way they turned out).

i think millie approves.

we had decided
that with millie on the way
charlie needed a big sister makeover in her room.
i decided on colors based on the curtains that have hung in my office for years.

i absolutely adore these curtains
and they look perfect in her now lavender room.
once i completed the bunting for millie's room
it only seemed fair to stitch some for charlie.

and thanks to my garage sale obsession
i had more than enough trays to go around...

i still have a few garage sale projects i want to complete for both girls' rooms
but summer is just around the corner...

i'm thrilled with the way the rooms have turned out.
millie's nursery is bright without being too 'baby'
and charlie's room is colorful and whimsical just like her.
makes me think i should focus on my room next...

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