25 May 2011

i really really want one...

typically i reserve this space for 'just us' stuff.  but today, i came across another blogger's giveaway that i am absolutely in love with (if you have a toddler, you will relate).

jen over at IHeart Organizing has teamed up with a company called SweetSeat to give away one of these awesome, versatile, necessary and did i mention awesome booster seats.  i personally have my eye on the aqua one with red dots.  i'm pretty sure bug would love it too.

at this point, anything is better than the worn out high chair we've been using.  it has evolved from a nice cushioned high chair+tray to a naked, strapless cruddy 'booster' seat that bug can no longer stand...


in fact the timing on this couldn't be better; i removed the high chair/booster seat from it's assigned seat just last week (note to self: in the future, do this more often...petrified chicken nuggets and play-doh are not much fun to clean...)  however, it's absence has left bug with much more freedom to spin around at dinner often causing drama when she bangs her knee against the leg of the table.

i am this close to moving dinner to the living room floor.

anyway...check them out.  that is all.

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