07 April 2009

giving back OR the art of sharing.

we are a family of bloggers.
bill maintains his blog.
we maintain pitterpats.
i maintain my other blog and occasionally update this one.
i follow 24 blogs.
24 opportunities to step into the lives of others.
24 opportunities to learn something.
24 opportunities to engage with kindred spirits.
24 opportunities to meet someone new.

in many of the blogs i follow, bloggers offer 'prizes' for a variety of things -
guess the weight of my child
share with me your thoughts on...
name that artist
answer this question
and on
and on.

i love this.
i think it is a brilliant idea.
and i want to do it.

we don't have big sponsorship here on pitterpats
in fact, the only sponsor we have is you -
the reader.
so while this prize my not be great
or large
or cost a great deal
it comes from the bottom of our hearts
and is something that gives you (the 'winner')
an opportunity to share something that we
the family

here's the deal:

submit via comment your blog site
OR if you don't have a blog of your own
what is it you follow
(our thanks for following this or any of its sister sites
but they don't count...go BEYOND these venues...)
i'm always looking for new reading material.

i will accept entries through monday night (4/13) @ midnight
(plenty of time!)
and will do so by randomly selecting three comments with the help of my husband.

three winners will win one of our most favorite things...(but i won't tell you what because that would be no fun...i guess you'll just have to take a leap...)

winners will be announced here on tuesday, 4/14.
so c'mon...what's your blog?


jess said...

oh, i get to be the first!

Meg Hill said...

But that isn't quite fair 'cause that's only good because "of viewers like you"

You may actually make me take a leap and create a new blog not school related... Knitting?? It is my obsession...

Evalie said...

My blog:

These blogs are ones that I have found a lot of strength in for quite some time. Jantina was my best friend in middle school and part of high school. We began to grow apart in our later high school years, but we have always held close because we shared so much. Her son, Zach, died when he was around one from Influenza A. She always had a wonderful source of faith, but I have been able to watch her grow even through these sites. She says that she has combined her sites into one, but I think her old site hold so many raw truths:) ENJOY

Anonymous said...

you know where to find me!! and I read,,,'s all I can think of for now. I obviously read blogs for entertainment! :)

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