04 September 2008

the year that never ended.

'tis the year of hospitals, doctors and never-ending ailments.

charlie has a cold...or at least something that has cleverly disguised itself as such.
snotty nose.
pitiful but content.

bill sprained his ankle a week ago at work.
his right one.
we can't even tie the two bad ones together to make two good ones between us.
it's getting better, but has been quite bruised.

additionally, bill will be having his gall bladder out at the end of the month.
he has had lots of difficulty with the side of his abdomen/torso for years.
they took his appendix four years ago.
we definitely have scars to be envied.

as of now, i continue to improve.
physical therapy robs me of energy.
i am sore.
i hurt desperately.
but i am getting stronger...i think.

we are ready to ring in a new year.
and it's only september.

go well.

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