21 August 2008


sammy: we got a fence.
oz: yup yup.
sammy: i have lived with our people for seven years and never had so much green stuff to play in.
oz: the bathroom just got a whole lot bigger.
sammy: i'm happy.
oz: yup yup. [tugging on her ear] let's go for a romp.
sammy: race you to the other side.

i peeked outside last night and found bill standing on the edge of the patio watching the dogs. mind you, they have been let out on leads since my accident.

"what are you doing?" i asked.
"just watching 'em be dogs," he smiled.

there's nothing like a doggy smile as he bounds from one side of a large yard to another.
happy house warming, sammy-girl and ozzer-puppy.
you'll always be my 'babies'.

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Anonymous said...

I was very exctied to see what this blog was going to be after reading the title:)

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