06 May 2011

birthday replay.

the week has been a whirlwind of birthday, sunshine, color and haircut mishaps (for which i sadly don't have pictures to present, yet.)  let's just say i paid money for a trim of bug's bangs when i could have cut a much straighter line for free with my fiskars.  lesson learned.




charlie's birthday meal (per her request): chik'n nuggets (that's right, the meatless kind), organic mac 'n' cheese, carrots and roasted red pepper hummus.  i won't lie.  i'm a super proud mom.

thank goodness she finally mastered her fine motor skills enough to demonstrate her new age.

new books!  we are avid dr. seuss fans.  she's already memorized most of red fish, blue fish.

yes, this is one of those freakish dolls that scares the crap out of you when you walked by it in the toy aisle.  it was also the one and only thing she actually asked for for her birthday.  the look on her face was worth it.


what a family of three with a three-year old looks like.




we were also very happy to welcome the sun back to the plains and celebrated in great fashion with our friend, lucas.



i'm fairly certain all that sunshine was a result of our fabulous (finished) wreath that we adorned our door with to beckon mother nature.

(note the extra little piece of egg carton that wound up in the center of this one.  my child is an advanced crafter).

and on a side-note, i recently finished my own little crafty project and just for fun, here's a peek.

so here's the backstory on these beauties.
during the holiday season, i was bringing my yarn with me to work to stitch away at scarves to be gifted during christmas.  one student noticed this and requested i make for him, a pair of hideous leg warmers.  i nodded and laughed and put the idea in the bottom of my bag.

within the last two weeks, the student has pestered me non-stop about his legwarmers.  so with the yarn leftover from charlie's birthday bunting, i fashioned these.  and i kind of liked them.  and i was kind of bummed i had to give them away.

but now i have a better idea of how to stitch these on my own.  if interested in the pattern, let me know.  i'll try to write it out.

i hope your week has been full of sunshine and color as well.

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