13 September 2010

our little explorer.

with the changing of the seasons, we are finding ourselves getting out as often as we can and taking advantage of the fall-like weather (before it turns too cold...because it will, in the blink of an eye!)  one thing that bill and i always enjoyed before i got pregnant (and during our tropical vacation last year!) was hiking.  we love exploring the trails (and those places just off the beaten path) and have enjoyed introducing charlie to it in the last few weeks.  she is quite the explorer and enjoys our forest walks.  this is the fun side of 'two' and we are taking advantage of her love of nature!

we have enjoyed exploring some of our local state parks and are hoping to branch out and explore a few more soon.  i hope you have all gotten the chance to get out and make new discoveries!

1 comment:

Lainey-Paney said...

What a beautiful family and wonderful adventure.

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