09 February 2010

scenes from a snow day.

i know i will complain in june
but i honestly love the chance to spend a day with my best good girl.
it doesn't take much to entertain us
and our day went quickly
(that two hour nap may have had something to do with it...)
take a peek.

a washrag, a tripod and a teddy bear...she was entertained for nearly an hour.
checking out the snowplow.

these are the gloves that nanny and papa bought for christmas.  they're a little big, but lots of fun to wear!

 right now, she loves to play possum.

it's never too early to encourage flossing...

all set to head outdoors!

(i should insert here that we did frolic in the snow for well over an hour...however, we were so busy shoveling that we didn't pause for pictures.  i should mention that charlie is an excellent help; she used her garden trowel to knock out the sidewalk while i removed the small glacier at the end of our driveway.  i see lots of clean driveways in our future.)

nothing tops off a snow day like M&Ms and sesame street.  

i cannot begin to put into images or words just how wonderful she is.
hope you are all cozy!

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