07 February 2009

tip toe through our lives OR charlie's window.

one of the reasons i decided to switch from spontaneous blah to here was to give people
an opportunity to watch us grow

i happened upon heather armstrong's blog, dooce, and have throughly enjoyed her daily photos.
i thought to myself
what better way to share our lives
than to share them daily?'
even in the smallest
and/or most random of ways.

so in an effort to share with you our lives
(and to help me further appreciate the little things tucked away in each of them)
i present the first of many footprints.

charlie's window.

saturdays at our house tend to resemble one another every week.
charlie usually rises before anyone else (i am still trying to teach her the value of 'sleeping in' on the weekends).
coffee is made.
breakfast is had.
and at 6:45 we wrestle bill out of bed for work.
charlie spends the first part of the morning quietly entertaining herself in the living room while i putz around picking up or catching up.
but then.
we move into her bedroom for a few hours of just play.
and this is the view from her floor as we roll around, play her piano, read books, throw balls and cuddle.
it is one of my favorite parts of the week.
the sunrise makes everything so soft and yet so bright and colorful.
her smile is endless.
and the combination gives me the energy to get through the day.
even if we didn't sleep in.

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