09 January 2009

new year.

nine days into the new year.
nine days incident free!
no - strike that.
on day 1, charlie had a reaction to her augmenten (i have no idea how to spell it...)
so we spent new year's day treating an allergy to ammoxicillin.
poor bug.
i realized this morning that i had not shared pictures from our christmas (her christmas...let's be honest.)
although i still find it surreal that the holiday has come and gone.

christmas eve night at grandma and grandpa stevens' house...

christmas morning...santa managed to find charlie.

christmas night at nanny and papa's house.

we did our first official family christmas card.
as i was addressing all the envelopes, bill looked at me and said, "i finally understand why people do this."
here's the winning photo:

all in all 2009 has been a good year...thus far.
bill and i have learned the value of the crib aquarium.
i fought having 'things' in her crib for the longest time
but sleep deprivation won out.
the first two nights of leaving her in the crib were the worst.
the second night she cried so hard she threw up.
i'm quite certain DHS has me on their list now.
she's adjusted well, though.
now she claps with glee when the fish start to swim
and few, if any tears are shed.

our newest toy came in yesterday and already we have had great fun with it.
i discovered i am actually a much better baseball player than i ever realized
and boxing is sure to help me when dealing with unruly 8th graders.

the new year brought with it promises of 'being healthy'.
bill and i are both working at getting our pre-baby bodies back...

...however, finding time to hop on the treadmill is more difficult than it used to be with such a fun distraction sleeping on your lap. i think we are both anxious for warmer weather so that we are able to get back outside on bikes and on trails. we are eager to show charlie the world around her.

we hope that 2009 has treated you well thus far.
we will continue to update as life continues to change.

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