03 November 2008

chunky monkey and tickling the ivories.

in the span of 24 hours
charlie went through three costumes.

the first - an iowa cheerleader. daddy was proud. she found a 'twin' at daycare. she looked like such a pretty lady.

the second - the original - a monkey. two weeks ago it fit. at 4:00 p.m. on halloween, i took my manicure scissors to the seams at the bottom and outfitted to leg holes. even at that, they cut off circulation to her round little legs! it stayed on long enough for pictures.

the third - i call this one, 'baby with banana'. we removed the rattling banana attached to costume #2 and stripped her down to her onesie. she was more content in this costume than either of the others.

with all our tricks exhausted and all our treats stashed away, november came with a song...

...and, as her six month birthday comes and goes, she has learned to sit on her own.

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