27 September 2008

i want to ride my bicycle...

after over a year, i mounted my bike tonight.
bill affixed our newest toy to the back of his
and we were off.
as we veered onto the trail, i told bill:
"this is the most normal i have felt in a long time."
in fact, i don't think i had felt that "normal" since before i was pregnant.
to watch me ride the bike, one would never know...
and charlie!
bill towed her with great care.
at one point a monarch lit upon the top of the buggy and followed us down the path for a spell.
the fresh air was good for all of us.
the movement was bliss.
we made it all the way to nanny and papa's house.
i'm sure, weather permitting, we'll be out on the roads again tomorrow!

packed in tight.

happy girl.

the family that rides together...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Too cute for words!

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