16 August 2008

the towels will wait.

we are still adjusting to charlie's new schedule which includes a lovely afternoon nap. i pondered for quite some time whether i should use these fleeting moments of quiet to fold towels or [try to] quickly update one and all.

i use that word a lot on here...'update'...we need to find much more clever verb.

i digress.

- charlie had a very successful first week of daycare. the teachers and aides all seem to love her ("how could they not?" my mother would counter...) being away from her during the day has made me realize just how quickly she does and is changing. i attribute some of that to her constant growing, but i must also give credit to her teachers who are obviously doing all the right things. this week alone she has discovered how to manipulate her toys, put things into her mouth and is rolling and laughing so much more than even a week ago (i just rescued her from the rungs of her crib. her cries for help led me to discover her on her belly with her feet sticking out the sides.) we are beyond comfortable in our decision and feel she is exactly where she needs to be.
- my leg continues to mend. i began physical therapy just slightly over a week ago and it has proven to be frustrating, encouraging and painful all at once. the muscles in my thigh and glutes (ass) have completely atrophied, so i am currently doing lots of jane fonda leg lifts, cycling and squats to build them back up again. my PT seems to think that another 6-8 weeks of therapy should have me walking "normally" again. much of the time, i squeeze my exercises in while lying on the floor with charlie. needless to say, she should have no problem counting to ten after all the leg lifts she has watched me do! i am more comfortable in my yoga practice and walking again, but am finding that by the end of the day, i'm in a great deal of pain. we'll get there!
- i returned to work this week with very mixed emotions. i realized that it has been nearly six months since i had to think like a teacher and while it does come back to you, it's definitely been physical therapy for the brain. the beginning of the year is always hectic, but this year seems more so for me. so many things that i usually do in july are just now getting done. i'll be grateful for the kids return to help solidify a daily routine.
- bill continues to do well. this is always a busy time of year in the motorcycle/atv/watercraft business. he recently sold two jet skis to my surgeon - pretty sure my leg paid for them. he's enjoying the cooler weather and has had the bike out a great deal. he is also hoping to get the four wheeler out a bit more before the weather turns cold (however, if he gets that plow he's hoping for and we have a winter like last, he may get far more use out of the four wheeler than he thought!)

overall, things are good. the recommencement of school feels like the closing of a very long chapter for us. charlie is here. the leg is healing. the house is settled. i can travel to starbucks on my own. with the exception of a limp, i feel we have finally rediscovered our normal.

thanks to all of you for your thoughts, prayers and kind words.

and now, we turn the page...
go well.

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