01 August 2008

drug induced ramblings.

i am determined to write more frequently
be it on this site or 'spontaneous blah'.
i tried to write on the sister site tonight
but was having trouble finding things to throw
onto the keyboard that didn't have something to do
with charlie bug.

because it's been a bit since an 'update'
and because the percocet is now kicking in
a few random pieces for the masses.

charlie attended her first farmers market this week.
we bought zucchini, peppers, corn, banana bread and flowers.
the flowers were our favorite.

we obtained our new library card.
perusing the bookshelves commenced today.
charlie got five books.
i got one.
animal, vegetable, miracle: a year of food life by barbara kingsolver.

my leg is still broken.
but i'm walking.
i can carry charlie.
i can turn on the sprinklers.
i can drive to starbucks.
we are at 87% capacity.
at least that's what i tell charlie.

we took charlie to her first stock car race tonight.
she got to watch daddy ride his motorcycle around the track.

daddy took charlie for her first walk through the park.
i had to go to class.
needless to say, based on the smile, i was incredibly jealous.
and yet so very happy that she has a daddy that wants to show her the world.

we are happy in our new home.
every night is a new sunset.

i will make a better effort to write.
go well.

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