02 July 2008

looking back...looking ahead.

upon discovering that i knew people who kept blogs and had kept up with my blog since before it was this blog, i decided to go back and review some of the blogs i composed during my pregnancy, before the accident.

i had to grin.

i thought i would compose a similar blog. feel free to go back to the previous site and compare the differences.

in re: charlie jo.

this is the first time i posted in this format. it was on 27 february.

current gestation: 30 weeks, 3 days.
weight gain to date: significant (however, baby girl only weighs about 3 pounds right now...)
complaints: waking up every time i have to roll over in bed, unseemingly endless hunger, feelings of helplessness/uselessness, back-aches.
non-complaints: internal acrobatics and watching the coffee in my coffee cup quiver when i rest it on my belly, watching bill put together the crib, having my hand held on the ice.
activities: three miles walks have been cut by half a mile, constant shoveling, yoga between classes, cleaning house and doing laps around the middle school.
cravings: no "cravings" (other than my usual chocolate...) i seem to be eating a lot of bananas, trail mix and nuts. i have also been experimenting with different salsa recipes. however, because i am a creature of habit, i'm still stuck on blueberry waffles, spinach salads, rice and salmon (and yes, it IS safe to eat salmon...i double checked.)
baby-related news: the crib is up, the room is painted and the changing table came yesterday.
non-baby related news: i discovered an ice dam above our bedroom closet after bill left for denver. my favorite "hippy" dress may be beyond help, but there is a lovely rose colored imprint on the wall it hung near. i didn't cry, but i did call my realtor after calling the insurance company and filing a claim. i am losing two personal days to this battle with the weather. as soon as the drywall is replaced and the room repainted, the house goes on the market and we begin searching for the house we'll raise our daughter in. it has been a good little cottage, but it is time to move on. i am not sad...i am anxious and ready.

what a difference 4 1/2 months makes.

current age: 2 months today.
weight loss to date: i am 5 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight, but due to a lack of walking/running/normal mobility, am still unable to get into many of pre-pregnancy pants. my ass still hasn't received the memo that it can shrink now...just another reason to get moving again.
complaints: not being able to carry charlie from room to room. stiffness in the leg in the morning when i get up (the muscles that were grafted still don't know how to work). every time i stretch that leg in the morning, my thigh cramps. not being able to go anywhere without a driver (although i start practicing this week...)
non-complaints: charlie! bill and i have decided we have the coolest kid ever. she is (nearly) sleeping through the night, only getting up once to feed. she knows her routine already. she rarely fusses, eats well, enjoys people, loves to snuggle, hands out smiles in the morning and is so very patient with me as i push her around the house in her stroller.
activities: i get around brilliantly on two crutches, pretty well on one and have even started gimping around the kitchen without crutches. however, i am in agreement with family and friends - physical therapy will be a must. a friend of mine made the point last night that without it, i may 'teach' myself to walk incorrectly and fixing that will require even more work. so. we'll see...i also try to ride the exercise bike at least three miles a day. i started doing more floor work too (yoga, sit-ups, etc.) i'm ready to pull my mountain bike out...
cravings: well, i don't have the hormones anymore, so the cravings have well subsided. however, it is summer and i never pass up the opportunity for a little DQ...
baby related news: charlie rolled the other day! it may have been a fluke (she has tried again since then, but has not been as successful), but it was a fantastic thing to witness. she's laughing much more now and it is the best sound i have ever heard. nothing beats those toothless smiles in the morning.
non-baby related news: bill and crew moved into their new dealership this last weekend and we move into our new home next week! it has been a long time coming and bill and i are both ready and anxious. living with my parents has been a wonderful experience for all and their help through the healing process has been invaluable. but it's time for us to be grown-ups again. i think we're ready.

i continue to love this journey called life.
i can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

"The unexamined life is not worth living." - Socrates.

go well.

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